Ultimate Super Bowl Snack List

If I'm being honest, I go to Super Bowl parties to cook and to kiss my niece and nephew. I've even lost interest in the commercials. In fact, I started an incredible book, The Selection, to get me through the day. It's like a cross between the Hunger Games and the Bachelor. I highly suggest it.

I do understand the camaraderie, though. The whole nation spends the day with their family and friends, eating bad-for-you food and cheering for a team in the spirit of competition. It's a beautiful thing. I guess.

There's a lot of pressure, though. You can't just show up to the Super Bowl with a store-bought vegetable platter. You will be judged. And show up with nothing? You may as well just head back home.

I remember mine and Tim's very first Super Bowl together 7 years ago. I went a little crazy. I remember making homemade onion rings, chicken nachos, dips, desserts, and even punch. Who drinks punch at a Super Bowl party? Apparently college-me did.

Okay, I'll quit my rant. Here are my favorite recipes for the Super Bowl. They've been tested by many hungry men and have received a 5* rating.

Love and social obligations,

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