Avocado Puree {Baby Food}

You knew it was coming.

Come on...you had to know that I would start blogging about baby food.

I totally understand that you might not have babies, deeming these kinds of recipes useless. But I'd like to apply a very gentle disclaimer that this site started as a way for me to keep track of my recipes without having to write them down. My hands shake. My writing is horrendous. And who knows? Maybe one day in throes of motherhood, you'll remember this recipe and buy your baby an avocado. I would consider that a success.

I'm excited about making baby food. Truly. Having Judah has changed my perception on food. I don't consider myself a crunchy granola mom {not that there's anything wrong with that}, but I find myself analyzing things more carefully. Especially food. I even found myself snacking on an orange the other day.


I don't even recognize myself anymore.

Another thing I truly don't want as I embark on this rather public journey is judgment, towards me or any other mother. I'm not about the mommy guilt. Want to feed your kid jarred baby food? Fight the power. Whatever works for you. But I want to {lovingly} say that rude comments about the style or age of feeding aren't allowed.

I started Judah out on avocados because I'm told they're the perfect food. Or one of them. I'm not breastfeeding, but I'm told that the fats in avocado are similar to that of breastmilk. Or something scientific like that. Plus, they're yummy. And I just wasn't too excited about the idea of starting Judah off with rice cereal or grains. We'll get to that later.

For reference, Judah is 4 months old. I know that these days, it's encouraged to wait until the baby is 6 months. That's cool, if you choose that. But Judah's eating 40+ oz. of formula a day, so we decided to throw something else in there {with the approval of our pediatrician}. Always ask the doctor. Because I am totally not a doctor.

  • 1 avocado
  • 1 lemon
  • Breastmilk, formula or water {for thinning}


First, find yourself an adorably willing participant. Feel free to give the participant lots of kisses as a thank you for being the test dummy.

Grab your ingredients. Have I mentioned how easy this was?

You'll need some sort of blender or food processor. I got the Baby Bullet Complete Baby Care System for my baby shower. I know there are better {more expensive} options out there, but for now, it does the job.

Short story: the first time I made guacamole, I bought the hardest avocados I could find. I thought that meant they were ready to go. Wrong. They were rock solid inside.

To find an avocado that's ready to be eaten, take off the "tip" of the avocado, and underneath, it should be a light green color. Brown, and it's no good. It should also be a little bit soft. If it's too soft, it's old.

Slice that sucker open.

Remove the pit.

Spoon the insides into your blender/food processor.

Blend, adding the breastmilk/formula/water to thin as desired. The younger the baby, the thinner it should be {or so I'm told}. Continue mixing until it's the consistency you want.

Slice open your lemon. The lemon is solely to keep the leftovers from browning, so technically it's optional, but I suggest using it.

We don't want the puree to taste too tart, so we're just going to squeeze a little of the juice and mix.

That's it!

Now feed your totally adorable participant.

And don't forget to facetime Grammy!

As is true with any new baby food, try and stick with the same food for about 4 days to see if there's a reaction. Generally, combining foods {ex., avocado and banana} isn't recommended when first introducing solids, since you're gonna want to see how he reacts to the avocado. Food allergies are rampant.

Or so I'm told.

Love and puree,

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