Lettuce Wraps {Meal Makeover}

We've discussed my growing obsession with PF Chang's. We've also discussed the fact that we are a one-income family. Which is fine. It's great. It means I get to hang out with this guy all day.

I could eat him up.

I could also eat up all the lettuce wraps. From PF Chang's.

So I recently had a hankering for some lettuce wraps, but when I was looking up all the copy-cat recipes, holy cow, was I overwhelmed! There were hundreds of ingredients and hours of prep work.

Okay, not true. But it still felt way too intense when there was a baby crying in the background. Ahhhh, the soundtrack of my life.

Now, one of my favorite recipes on the site is the Spicy Cashew Chicken. It's finger-lickin' good {someone should use that}. So I decided to combine that recipe with the concept of lettuce wraps. And this was the result -- magic! Loved it. You will, too.


First, we're going to make the Spicy Cashew Chicken. No recipe changes. The only thing we're going to change, is we're going to make the chicken mixture finer. And by finer, I mean, we're going to use a wooden spoon and essentially chop it up into smaller pieces...like pieces you might find in, oh, I don't know...lettuce wraps. I opted to start by cutting the raw chicken much smaller. Do as you wish.

Grab some lettuce. Be careful using a head of lettuce, because the inside pieces can get rubbery. I found a pack of pre-cut lettuce pieces in the produce section that are specifically for wraps, and those worked the best.

Spoon in the mixture.

If you want to make these legitimate, you can add crispy rice sticks {in the Asian food section of the grocery store}. You can also make a sauce to top with by mixing soy sauce, hoisin and spicy mustard sauce.

Love and lettuce,