Sweet Potato Puree {Baby Food}

So sweet potatoes, right?

Tim loves them. Me, not so much. But apparently this boy takes after his daddy. He's a sweet-potato-eating-machine. In fact, he ate three servings in one sitting.

I'm going to let you in on a huge baby food secret: it pretty much consists of steaming/softening the food item, blending it, and adding formula or breast milk until creamy. So seriously, I'm sorry if this is repetitive.

Let's get to it! I have laundry to do. And, okay, a bath to take. So sue me.

  • Sweet potato
  • Formula or breast milk


Sweet potatoes are weird-looking. The long, skinny ones freak me out.

Peel the potato. Things are getting serious!

Dice it up real good.

Boil a pot of water.

Toss in the sweet potato and drop the temperature to medium, to where the water is just simmering. Cover and let steam.

Let steam for about 30 minutes, or until they're soft and can easily be pierced with a fork.

Drain the sweet potatoes. Combine them with a little bit of formula or breast milk in your blender or food processor. Start with just a little bit of the formula/breast milk and gradually add more as you blend until it's the desired consistency. The younger the baby, the smoother it should be.

That's it! This can be frozen and thawed the night before.

Love and sweet potatoes,

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