Meal Plan #1

We've talked about meal planning before. It's a big job. Really, it is. Especially if you're tightening your purse strings.

I tend to save a lot of money when I stick to a detailed and rigid meal plan. Granted, I don't always do it, but I find time most weeks. Money is especially tight this month at our house because of endless medical bills. Seriously, doesn't Derek Shepherd have enough of my money? I kid. I love modern medicine. Without it, I would have this bundle of joy.

Wasn't that a perfect segway into a shameless proud mom moment?

There was also a question generated on my church's Facebook page about meal planning, and how to save money on groceries. Well, I'm ready to put my money where my mouth is {pun intended}.

I'm giving you my dinner plans for the entire week {plus one large dessert}, with your grocery list and recipes below. All meals and ingredients are for a family of four. Please note that this is dinner only.

You can either choose the individual list, which shows all the ingredients broken up by recipe. Or, if you really trust me and want to do the entire week's worth of meals, you can choose the consolidated list, where I added up all the ingredients so you don't have to see how many times the word "cheese" shows up on the individual list.

Here are the meals, linked to the recipes:

And click on which ingredient list you want:

I hope these are helpful to you! I'm going to try and post these more often, as I find they are one of the most important aspects of meal prep.

Love and lists,

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