Two steps back

My relationship with this website has deepened tremendously. I realize how stupid that sounds. It's just a website. That's what my husband tells me, and to be honest, he's correct.

But I want to be better.

When I first started this as a blog, I only intended it to be somewhere I could virtually store my recipes because I was too lazy to write them out and organize them. Look where it got me. I now (gladly) spend at least an hour a day editing, photoshopping, planning and writing for this site. As I glance back to my way-back-when recipes, I now realize that the site needs a lot of improvement; I need to work on the photos, the layout, and the writing.

After thinking about this for the past few weeks, I've decided that it's time to take two steps back and give this site a little face lift. There are going to be a lot of changes in order, content and the overall look of the blog. I have almost 100 posts, so you can imagine what kind of a task this is going to be.

And before I continue, don't get too excited. This is coming from the girl who has broken 3 computers in my year and a half at the paper. Technology loves me about as much as Tim loves unloading the dishwasher.

Get the picture?

Anyway, I'm going to be revisiting/re-posting recipes that date back to 2009 with new pictures and updated content. I'll throw in some new stuff every once in awhile, just sans-photos (for the most part). If it's any consolation, I'm hoping this will be worth the wait—my earliest recipes are some of my best (not bragging-just truth).

So thanks for understanding, readers. If it makes ya' feel any better, I'm doing it for you. And for my mild OCD.

There's no such thing as a pure motive, people.

Love you all. Check back often to see updates and some flashbacks.

Talk to ya' soon,
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