Chocolate bundt cake with glaze

Surprisingly, my picky eater is picky about desserts, too, not just the main course. This recipe is incredibly easy, and unless your picky eater hates chocolate, this should be a hit.

*1 package dark chocolate cake mix (I'm all about a good milk chocolate, but for this, dark is better)
*1 1/4 cups confectioners sugar
*3 tablespoons milk

*1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
*2 of your favorite candy bars (optional)
*Chocolate sprinkles

*Prepare/bake cake as instructed, except in a bundt cake pan (you can buy one for a whole $5 at WalMart). Note: Instructions on the back of the box will say how long to cook a bundt cake with that specific mix
*Crush candy bars in a zip-loc bag and pour into mix (optional). This adds a kick and some texture.
*After baking, let sit and cool
*Flip cake cautiously onto whatever plate you plan on serving it on
*Mix milk, confectioners sugar, and vanilla extract
*Slowly pour glaze over cake, allowing the remains to drain into the center
*Top with sprinkles
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