Yogurt Parfait

I'll admit it-I'm nostalgic when it comes to strawberries. No one in my family would ever buy strawberries except my dad. Those were back in the days when my youthful metabolism was finally catching up with all the pizza and cookies, and I could dip them in sugar all night long. No one else in my family would touch them with a 10-foot pole. If it wasn't chocolate or something that could crunch, they weren't interested. So we forgot the rest of the world and bonded over strawberries.

My dad wouldn't be happy I'm integrating these into breakfast, though. Breakfast was a time for doughnuts, back in the day when I would sit in his lap and *really drive* to the store at the ripe old age of 8. Life was simpler back then.

Why don't we just make breakfast simpler, too?

Greek yogurt (whatever flavor)
Fiber One Honey Clusters cereal
Diced strawberries


First, I grabbed some greek yogurt and flavored it with vanilla extract. Please do yourself a favor and just buy vanilla greek yogurt. Mix it up.

The best part: chop up yo' strawberries.

Grab some Fiber One Honey Cluster cereal.

Layer in the following order: yogurt, strawberry, cereal, etc. Repeat until full. Top with a mint leaf, because you're fancy and deserve to feel fancy.

Then, give it to your husband, who won't like it, and take a moment to miss your dad.

Love and sheesh,

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