How to Cut a Bell Pepper

As I mentioned earlier, All Kinds of Yumm is going on a serious diet. I promise this has nothing to do with the 8 lbs. I happened to gain this holiday season. Or the fact that my walk has turned into a waddle, as my husband so kindly pointed out.

Speaking of husbands, mine loves green bell peppers. Ever since he's lost almost 100 lbs., his tastes have changed significantly. This happens to be one of them. So I went to a Whole Foods lookalike and bought what I thought was a green bell pepper. I hoped and prayed it was, because I had never bought one before. Ever.

So you can understand my humiliation when I sat down to prepare a dish that involved this green monster and discovered I had no idea how to cut this thing up. Was I supposed to use the seeds as a garnish? Can the seeds kill you? Who had the guts to test whether or not the seeds could kill people?

I decided to do what any educated young lady would do. I called my mom. She didn't answer, so I Googled it. After several videos and evaluating different methods of slicing, I decided this was the best option. And I'm pretty sure this is the one way to do it-the one website that had a different opinion on this was, well...questionable.

  • 1 green (or red) bell pepper
  • A sharp knife

First and foremost, grab a bell pepper. A ripe green pepper will be dark green; the darker it is, the sweeter it tastes (or so I'm told).

Cut both ends off the bell pepper.

Cut into the pepper and spread out flat on the cutting board. Position the knife sideways and cut out all excess "innards," including the seeds. Cut the pepper in half so you have two flat, large pieces of bell pepper.

Cut flat pepper into long slices.

Line up slices of bell pepper and continue cutting into smaller pieces.

That's it! Serve on everything from salads to Mexican.

Love and spicy,

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