My "two ounces" on measuring

So here's the deal. Quite often I'm asked, "Why don't you list specific measurements for all your recipes?" It's asked enough that I feel the need to address the issue and my reason for being vague in this particular area of my blog.

I believe in learning how to cook, not just following a recipe's directions. The main reason I don't always give a formal amount for ingredients is because it's just not the best way for others to learn how to cook. I am in no way suggesting that I hold the keys to culinary excellence; however, I do think that experimenting with different variations of ingredients has significantly helped me become a better cook.

I also believe that every person is different. I feel as though I'm constantly telling people to watch their food cook while it's in the oven, as every single one is programmed to cook in a different way. None are the same, no matter what anyone says. The same is true of people. While I might want a cheesier pizza, you might want a meatier pizza. I don't know. This is kinda' a one-way relationship, and you're stuck listening to how I like my food.

So, in closing, if a recipe requires extremely precise measurements, such as baked goods, I will disclose that information. For sure. But when it comes to pizza toppings or how much cheese to put on your tacos,'re on your own.

But I love you. I'm doing it for your own good. You'll thank me for it later in life.

Love and, well...tough love

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