And the winner is....

It's that time, everyone! chose the winner, and I'm proud to announce that it is...

Mrs. Lockerbie

She entered as LeighAnne, but I've known her my entire life (literally) and can't bring myself to call her "LeighAnne." Her favorite fall treat?
"My favorite fall guilty pleasure is pumpkin fudge from Disneyland! MMMMMMmmmmmm. Adore the Lucy apron and adore your blog Rach. <3"
So there it is! If you're truly devastated that you missed out on this, visit The Lily Parlour and support Lynne. She has the most adorable aprons, and I'm sure if you message her, she'll make another I Love Lucy one.

Thanks again for entering, everyone! Next month, we'll be doing a giveaway with Inger Luff and some of her goodies.

Have a beautiful Saturday, everyone!
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