Chickpea Pasta

I've recently discovered chickpeas, and I am in love. For those of you who have never had them, they are a type of bean that have almost a meaty texture to them. They're loaded with fiber and have a ton of nutritional value in them, not to mention they're just flat out delicious. Below is a sample recipe in which I use them, but you can add them to just about anything, from pastas to salads! They're located in the mexican food aisle, so don't be confused if they're not in the bean aisle. Just be careful!~they are kinda' high in calories, so just make sure you're eating a moderate amount!

  • Whole wheat noodles (I use penne noodles, but any kind is fine)
  • Chickpeas (the kind I use have 100 calories in 1/2 cup)
  • Olive oil (use your discernment, but I use about 2 tablespoons worth)
  • Alfredo sauce (I use about 1/2 cup)
  • Garlic (1 clove)
  • Crushed red peppers (the kind you use on pizza, and you can use as little or as much as you want)
  • Cook noodles as instructed and drain
  • Add all ingredients and stir while heat is on low


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