10 Easter Desserts {that don't look like bunnies} and a Free Printable!

I absolutely love Easter, and I'll admit that I totally underestimate it. See, as a person who is slightly obsessed with Christmas, Easter always kind of looms over me. It means the end of the season that I love the most. Then I remember that Easter means spring. And spring means different things that I love.

It means warmer weather, which means it's clothing-optional for the babies in our house. It means we break out the bubble machine and spend lots of time outside with the doors and windows open. It means we get a break on our utility bill. It means that summer is right around the corner, which I hate, but summer means being tan and spending lots of time at the pool, so I can get on board with that. It means bare feet and {for us} a new baby to welcome home. So spring is good. Easter is great. And the food isn't too bad, either.

I don't know about you, but I'm not crazy about the bunnies that start popping up everywhere on Easter. I'm not judging, but it's just not for me. I can deal with the eggs and pastels, but rabbits just aren't my thing. My well-intentioned mother-in-law told me last year that she was going to get Judah a bunny for Easter this year, to which I politely responded, "Never in a million years." Again, just not for me. Feel free to do you, as the kids would say {I'm so very cool}. So when it comes to my Easter dessert, I like to stick with light, fresh, and sometimes fruity. I'm not terribly fond of the bunny-butt cakes, so I've compiled a list of what I believe are 10 fantastic Easter desserts that don't look like bunnies.

Oh, and a free 5x7 printable. Click here to download, print and enjoy!

Love and Easter,

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