Saturday, February 1, 2014

10 Best Super Bowl Dips

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I find the Super Bowl to be a really peculiar event. It celebrates the things that so many Americans spend time avoiding: long football games, drunk men, lengthy commercial breaks and cooking. I don't get it. People spend good money for DVR so they can avoid commercials. Now? They're "the best part." Hmmm.

Regardless, I can't deny that one of my favorite parts of the Super Bowl is the food. Yes, I am "that" person. And you are, too -- just admit it! My all-time favorite game-day food is chips and dip. I am a self-confessed carboholic. I need potatoes in my life. And cheese, which is not a carb, but is equally tasty and has been known to spark a relationship with potatoes a time or two.

I have a few great dip recipes, but I've found more that I believe deserve their time in the spotlight. Each recipe name and picture below links to the original website and recipe. I hope you enjoy them, and happy Super Bowl!

Love and football,

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